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Who We Are

Crystal Ice Co., Inc. was established in 1957 as a manufacturing facility primarily serving the fishing industry. Over the years it has developed into a multi-faceted organization serving New England and the nation.


Crystal Ice Co., Inc. is one of the largest producers of ice in North America.  Our New Bedford facility can manufacture in excess of 500 ton of block and fragmented ice daily. Our capacity combined with our storage warehouses guarantee supply during the summer months.


Beyond supporting the fishing industry, our product is used in concrete pours at major construction projects such as the Boston Big Dig, the Brayton Point Power Station, and the Twin Tower replacements; poultry farms to preserve product; chemical companies; the Monster Sled at Fenway Park; Bright Night Providence; in creating a winter wonderland at LL Bean; supplying Boston cruise lines and numerous other uses.


Crystal Ice Co., Inc.'s packaging division is a major back up supplier for other New England ice companies, and is a contractor for FEMA Emergency Relief Program and supplied 40 trailer loads of ice to the victims of Katrina.   


Our carving blocks have such clarity that they are in demand throughout New England.







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