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Bagged Ice


Available in 5 lb and 30 lb sizes as well as Balers (7 pack of 5 lbs). Call for pallet delivery.


Block Ice


Available in 12 to 300 lb sizes, call for block delivery options.


Block ice is available in various colors, call for specifics.

Boat Icing


Available 'out back' for boats, trailers and containers with 1/2 ton minimum.


Bulk ice can be transported to your location throughout New England on one of our 17-ton capacity blower trucks.  Whether for business or celebrating Christmas in July, we can supply your needs.





A luge is an ice sculpture that contains one or more tracks carved into the ice which are then used for pouring beverages. As the beverage travels down the track it is chilled and ready for drinking!  Our standard ice luge has two tracks, is affordable, and

perfect for parties!  Speciality luges are also available with team logos, special photos, etc. . These luges require a 1 week notice.


Standard Luge Measurements: 2' High X 10" Wide, 16" Slopes





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